Sustainability at Pennies & Feathers 




Using organically grown ingredients is very important to Pennies and Feathers, and I believe that you will notice the difference when using my products. 

It has been found that organically grown ingredients contain higher levels of antioxidants, even up to 60% higher in fact! And organic farms are actually home to 50% more wildlife. 

My Rose and Lavender Beauty Oil and Calendula Cleansing Melt are certified organic by the Soil Association and COSMOS.

This is a guarantee of certification to these highly regarded organisations who have inspected the complete production process of these products, from the fields where the organic ingredients are grown right through to the packaging design and materials.

You can be confident that every single element has been given a lot of care and attention to make sure that it is environmentally friendly, ethical and sustainable.

The ingredients are grown without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GM), herbicides or synthetic fertilisers.  

And rest assured our Orange and Rose Facial Mist is produced to the very same high standards - it just doesn't have the certification due to the fact that water cannot be classed as organic. 


Jars & Bottles 


All of the Pennies and Feathers products are housed in Miron Violet Glass jars and bottles. These of course look lovely, but they also protect the natural and organic ingredients inside.

Using violet glass goes back to the Ancient Egyptians who used it to protect and preserve their precious natural healing essences. 

Pennies & Feathers Miron glass acts a filter to light, preserving shelf life and aroma too. 




I firmly believe that the amount of waste created from packaging needs to be reduced. The inner tubes of my packaging (which are made from already recycled card) have been beautifully illustrated by the wonderful Susannah Garrod with some key ingredients that each bottle holds.

They have been designed especially and uniquely to be re-used as pretty storage containers for your reusable cotton pads, jewellery and makeup brushes. A beautiful addition to your dressing table and less waste too.

And, of course, the tubes and bottles are fully recyclable.