Botanical Organic Skincare Handmade in England

Our skin tells our life story and sometimes our story takes an unexpected turn. Be it that you are dealing with grief, going through treatment or simply have been stressed with daily life.

Pennies & Feathers was created for those who are seeking more self love, beauty and magic in their lives and want to treat their skin to the highest quality essential products.

My skincare is highly nourishing and soothing to skin that may be feeling dry, uncomfortable or dull.

Let me help you bring your skin and your self back to life.

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Makeup Artist Founder

Pennies & Feathers was founded by Jessica, a professional hair and makeup artist.

Throughout her career she has learnt from some of the best artists and stylists assisting on exciting shoots for Tatler, Vogue and Glamour magazine to name a few.

​She has looked after clients for television and theatre appearances too, as well as being a successful bridal artist. 

The products create the perfect base for makeup to sit beautifully on top of, providing your skin with the essential vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants that it needs. 

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My Story

  • Why Organic?

    Using organically grown ingredients is very important to Pennies and Feathers, and I believe that you will notice the difference when using my products. 

    It has been found that organically grown ingredients contain higher levels of antioxidants, even up to 60% higher in fact! And organic farms are actually home to 50% more wildlife. 

    My Rose and Lavender Beauty Oil and Calendula Cleansing Melt are certified organic by the Soil Association and COSMOS.

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  • Ingredients

    I am very proud to be a British brand, with all of my products being entirely made by hand in small batches in the English countryside.

    I only use the highest quality, and where possible and indicated, certified organic ingredients.

    My aim is to keep the ingredients in all of my products to a minimum, only using what I believe to be beneficial to the skin, with no fillers or added artificial fragrance.

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  • The Lucky Penny

    'See a Penny Pick It Up, Then All Day You Will Have Good Luck'

    If you have read my story already, then you may know the importance and significance of the lucky penny to me.
    I wanted to share a little of this luck, as I know first hand how helpful it can be, so I have created my own Pennies and Feather's Lucky Pennies.

    These are our own 'Golden Tickets' and you may find one crossing your path or accompanying your products one day. Keep hold of them and let them bring you comfort when it's needed and a lot of luck and love from me.

    They also may become your ticket to special events one day….
    A small token can make the biggest difference.