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Orange & Rose Facial Mist

Orange & Rose Facial Mist

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Orange & Rose Facial Mist   100ml

Named as a Skin Saver by Stylist Magazine on their Style List

A refreshing and hydrating facial mist made with orange blossom and rose flower water to calm and soothe the skin. Use this after cleansing, morning and night, or as a makeup refresher throughout the day.

 In the summer months, keep your mist in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.


Aqua, *Rosa damascena flower water, *Citrus aurantium var amara flower water, *Glycerin, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzoic Acid, Sorbic Acid, Rosa centifolia (rose) flower oil, **Citronellol, **Eugenol, **Geraniol

*Organically grown. **Natural component of essential oils.

• Made in England • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans • Not tested on animals


Hold the bottle about 5-6 inches away from you, and mist generously over your whole face and neck, with your eyes closed. You will find that this mist is beautifully fine so it will sink into your skin very quickly and easily.

Don't be afraid to mist over your makeup as well. It is a great way to refresh your makeup and keep your skin looking fresh all day.

In the summer months, keep this in the fridge for an extra cooling effect!

Keep product out of direct sunlight.
If irritation occurs discontinue use.


If you find that your makeup tends to look cakey throughout the day or after application, instead of reaching for a setting spray, use your Orange & Rose Facial Mist.
This will add some needed hydration and you can also then re-blend your base if needed too.

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'I feel instantly calm when I use this mist. The smell is beautiful and I use it in my makeup prep everyday.' Abbie Manning


    Your skincare products are best absorbed when your skin is damp, which allows for the ultimate hydration and glowing skin.
    I therefore recommend using the Orange & Rose Facial Mist after cleansing and before applying your Beauty Oil or any other skincare products.


    Rose Flower Water* (Rosa damascena flower water): The rose flower water used in our facial mist was extracted through a single distillation process, guaranteeing a high content of the therapeutic oil. It is soothing, hydrating and refreshing on the skin, also helping to reduce redness and aid in skin elasticity. 

    Orange Blossom Flower Water* (Citrus aurantium var amara): Floral waters have been used for centuries in beauty rituals, and orange blossom in particular is great for soothing irritated, dry skin and reducing redness. It also leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

    Rosa Centifolia*: This type of rose is known as the Cabbage Rose, or Moroccan Rose, and is filled with an array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are wonderfully moisturising, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory when used on the skin. It can also refine skin texture and the scent has been found to be positive in treating anxiety and depression.
It actually takes tens of thousands of rose flowers, which are picked in the early hours of dawn, to create 1 ounce of rose essential oil.


    The beautiful illustrations are by the talented Susannah Garrod, and this packaging can uniquely be reused on your dressing table. My Mist tube is the perfect height to become a makeup brush holder (and looks so striking as one too) so please don't throw it away and get creative instead.